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TELEGRAM was launched on the market by HEIGO in 2007 as a line of jewelry that teams silver with lacquer. Initially a range of fashion items, the new product in the line for 2008 is tableware. The name “TELEGRAM” was conceived out of a desire to transmit Japan's 9,000 year old lacquer culture into the future, as well as beyond Japan’s shores, in an innovative form.

Lacquer has been used throughout Japan’s long history, sometimes as an adhesive agent, sometimes as a coating to preserve the external walls of buildings or to protect armor and weapons. Today, too, it continues to be used for everyday tableware, and is known as lacquerware. However, HEIGO believes that the appeal of lacquerware goes beyond its durability and functionality, to its beautiful gloss and warmth to the touch that gently cocoon the spirit of the user. The TELEGRAM Wine Glass is the product of our wish to convey this appeal to people all over the world in the form of a totally new concept of lacquerware.”

Wine is produced throughout the world, and loved by people everywhere. Yet this love is not merely a preference for wine over the many other types of alcoholic beverage available. Rather, it is love for wine as the expression of a culture. Wine displays a diverse range of characteristics according to the variety of grape and the soil of the region where it is grown, the climate during the year of harvest, the grower, and the method of cultivation. But who plays the leading role in the pleasure derived from wine, with its myriad qualities? Not the bottle of wine you open this evening, but the person enjoying the wine - you yourself. HEIGO has created the TELEGRAM Wine Glass so that you may enjoy the time spent together with your wine and the environment in which you consume it, enhancing the occasion and making it a memorable one.

The glass itself is a beautiful crystal glass made by the Austrian company Riedel. Riedel manufactures more than one hundred different kinds of glass according to the type of wine – red, white, champagne, dessert wine, and so forth – each with an elegant, eye-catching design. Riedel glasses adhere to the company’s fine guiding principle that form is borne of function, and are an essential presence for lovers of wine.

HEIGO’s TELEGRAM Wine Glass has been completely coated in a lacquer finish. The finish is so superb that it is hard to believe it has been hand-painted, while the application of color accentuates the elegant design of the glass itself. Because the outside has been lacquered, the contents of the glass are not visible. Instead, what you see is the contrast between the pure white showing through the glass on the inside and the color on the outside. Why have we employed this feature of contrasting color? To derive the maximum visual pleasure from the color of the wine. Also, so that the “tears of wine” running down the inside of the glass show up more clearly, allowing the user to better appreciate and enjoy this phenomenon. The product’s main distinguishing feature is that the lacquer’s softness to the touch is conveyed through the fingers that hold the glass and the lips that come into contact with it, while at the same time retaining functionality that takes into consideration the release of aroma and the way the wine is tasted. Born of an unprecedented collaboration between a genuine wine glass and genuine lacquer, TELEGRAM will help you create your own uniquely memorable setting. Whether in a restaurant, in a wine-bar, or at home, whether with a partner, a friend, or alone, the TELEGRAM Wine Glass will gently cocoon your spirit as you enjoy a relaxing time of pure bliss.

The next chapter of your life enjoyed in the company of wine begins with the TELEGRAM Wine Glass.


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