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TELEGRAM jewelry

TELEGRAM Jewelry was launched in November, 2007 by the total lifestyle brand HEIGO, offering a new way of enjoying lacquer. The range derives its name from a method of transmitting messages that has its origins in semaphore communication invented in 18th century France. In the Napoleonic Era, prior to the development of communications technology, a more complex version of flag semaphore was invented by the Frenchman Claude Chappe, which involved simply moving arms mounted on top of a building into different positions to create a communications network spanning thousands of kilometers. What is significant here is that the message was transmitted by human hands without interruption. The name “TELEGRAM” was conceived out of a desire to transmit Japan’s 9,000 year old lacquer culture into the future, as well as beyond Japan’s shores, in an innovative form.

With TELEGRAM Jewelry we have created a microcosm in which silver and Japan lacquer collaborate to express the traditional beauty of Japan itself. The designs go beyond the simply decorative, merging into the everyday life of the wearer and blending in with the natural environment. The design motifs are inspired by the themes of light and shadow, calm and movement, incorporating traditional Japanese patterns as well as spatial elements of Japanese architecture and gardens. Such motifs express the Japanese aesthetic sense of appreciation of the way sunlight changes as it passes through a lattice, or a window that cuts and frames the outdoor natural scenery, or a gently flowing ripple. The lacquer has been painstakingly applied with a brush, layer upon layer, by a skilled lacquerware craftsman, considering the effect created by each layer until the piece is complete.”

Previously familiar only in the form of lacquerware, now it is possible to wear lacquer, combined with the traditional colors of Japan. The simple designs and color accents can be worn in a wide range of situations, whether in a business setting, or when relaxing in a private setting away from the workplace. TELEGRAM Jewelry can be enjoyed as a casual fashion coordinate to match clothes or glasses, bags or shoes. The range consists of three items: Ring, Necklace, and Bangle, each offered in three designs. The Ring models are available in six sizes (Japanese size 13, 15, 17, 21, 23, 25). All models of Necklace come in a choice of silver chain or leather choker (both available in 40 cm or 45 cm lengths). The Bangle models are available in two sizes (M or L). All models come with an original genuine leather pouch, handy for business trips or leisure travel.

HEIGO offers a re-lacquer and repair service, as well as a “refresher” service to re-lacquer jewelry in a different color should the wearer grow tired of the original color.* In this way, we help our customers obtain long-lasting pleasure and satisfaction from their jewelry.

TELEGRAM Jewelry communicates Japan’s lacquer culture and sense of beauty, as well as a lifestyle that attaches importance to the use of items that we find pleasing for many years co come, a message that the wearer will want to transmit to the children who inhabit the next generation. What will your message to the next generation be?

* A charge applies for both these services.


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