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“Japan” is an alternative name for Japanese lacquer, a naturally derived coating that has been used for fashion purposes in Japan for around 9,000 years. One characteristic of Japan is its beautiful mellow gloss. Over a period of approximately 1,000 years, as many as 456 beautiful traditional colors were developed and refined from Japanese seasonal, natural, and cultural elements. JAPANAIL is a fashion item to adorn the nails born of a meeting between Japan and traditional Japanese colors.

The product name is coined from a combination of the word “Japan,” used to refer both to the country and the lacquer, with the word “nail,” from the term “fingernail tips.”

The concept of JAPANAIL is the harmonious fusion of beauty. The notion of expressing beauty at the level of the individual while at the same time respecting the harmony between culture and nature is echoed in the aesthetic ideal of “iki,” thought to be rooted in the dress and behavior that was cultivated during Japan’s Edo period (1600-1868). JAPANAIL proposes a new style of contemporary fashion that reflects this Japanese traditional aesthetic ideal.

JAPANAIL has developed the world’s first range of lacquers in 100 colors from traditional Japanese colors, and has selected 24 of these to feature in its product line-up. While these colors were generated during different eras, each color contains a narrative that is derived from some aspect of Japan’s seasons, nature, or culture. Japan’s color culture, which takes delight in the layering of color as exemplified by the kimono, can be traced back to the Heian period (794-1185). Today, more than 1,000 years later, we can experience the everyday pleasure of coordinating our own colors and seasons, our own taste in fashion and makeup, with Japan’s color culture.

The world’s first soft fingernail tips that are comfortable to wear combine with a beautiful color and gloss to produce a refined elegance. For the mounting, we use nail adhesive tape that enable the fingernail tips to be attached and removed easily. The soft tips fit the curvature of the nails, ensuring close and secure adhesion. Compared with nail glue, this method places less strain on the nail. What is more, the product is not disposable but is designed to be re-used many times, making it environmentally friendly.

Since the product can be attached and removed with ease, women the world over are sure to be delighted by the convenience of being able to transform their appearance in an instant.

In the future, we plan to launch a twin-color specification, based on the current 24 color variations, that applies layers of lacquer in two different colors, as well as special fingernail tips that feature art produced by hand in accordance with Japan’s exquisite traditional techniques.

How to get optimum pleasure from your JAPANAIL

  • The fingernail tips come in boxes of 12 nails. Numbers are inscribed on the center of the branch on which the tips are mounted, so they can be matched to the nails of each hand. We recommend making a note of the sizes used for future reference.
  • The tip of the fingernail is the straight-edged side attached to the mounting branch. The part at the tip of the nail is harder while the part at the base of the nail is softer, making the nails easy to affix and comfortable to wear.
  • While the fingernail tips can be cut freely with nail clippers or scissors, we recommend that they be used just as they are, in accordance with their original design.
  • Better adhesion will be obtained if nail care such as treating the cuticles or buffing the surface of the nails is carried out before affixing the fingernail tips.
  • The fingernail tips are able to withstand daily hand-washing and bathing. However, prolonged immersion of fingers in water will cause the fingernail tips to come off. Use in very hot places should also be avoided, since this may cause a change in the shape of the fingernail tips.
  • The fingernail tips are soft-type, designed to enable them to be affixed and worn without applying undue pressure. Forcefully bending or twisting the nails may cause the lacquered surface to crack or peel off and should therefore be avoided.
  • To ensure that hands remain beautiful and healthy, the fingernail tips should not be used continuously for more than one day. After use, we recommend that nail oil be applied to condition the nails

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