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About HEIGO: A Total Lifestyle Brand

HEIGO (pronounced “High-go”) is a total lifestyle brand based on a Japanese sense of beauty that excites the five senses of the user. HEIGO desires to foster an attitude of respect for objects borne out of a spirit of respect for nature, and to circulate that joy from person to person. HEIGO’s products seek to create a harmony of color, design, and material, which is then further enhanced by the essence of Japanese beauty, taking value and satisfaction to a new level.

HEIGO offers a service designed to connect the spirit of the creator to the spirit of the user. By creating a mood filled with a sense of gratitude to both people and nature, we continue to bring lasting joy to those who empathize with our aspiration. At the same time, HEIGO seeks to make a contribution to the world community through a constant awareness of the need to create a sustainable global environment.



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